Leonard Dolins

Partner and Co-Founder | 480-650-4753 ext. 222  | ldolins@thedolinsgroup.com

Leonard co-founded The Dolins Group with his son Steve in June 1993. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois – Champaign. In 1961, the year Len began his career in the accounting industry, “West Side Story” won the Academy Award for best picture of the year and the Berlin Wall was constructed, splitting East and West Germany in two. Also in 1961, the price of a postage stamp was $.04, a gallon of gas cost $.31, and the minimum wage was $1.15.

In 1975, Len struck out on his own, sharing office space with another CPA, with whom he eventually formed a partnership. That partnership lasted until June 1990 when he opened an office in Northbrook.

Throughout the years, Len has remained dedicated to the accounting profession and has established personal connections with the clients. “Although there may be other accountants in the firm who can do the actual day-to-day work, I always want to maintain close personal contact with the clients,” he says. “I never envision the firm growing so large that I stop recognizing or knowing our clients and their families. I want to remain informed when a client gets married or has a baby.”

It is not surprising that Leonard would want to know about the happy and even sad events that impact the lives of his clients, since family ties have been so important in his own life. Len now resides in Sun Lakes, Arizona. He has two sons, a daughter and nine grandchildren.


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