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Navigating Financial Success for Non-Profits with The Dolins Group

Welcome to The Dolins Group, your trusted partner in supporting the financial health of non-profit organizations. Our specialized accounting and tax services are designed to address the unique needs of non-profits, allowing you to focus on your mission while we handle the financial complexities.

Why Choose The Dolins Group for Non-Profit Accounting and Tax Services:

Expertise in Non-Profit Regulations: Our team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of non-profit regulations, ensuring compliance with reporting and accounting standards specific to the sector.

Strategic Financial Planning: Benefit from strategic financial planning tailored to the goals and objectives of your non-profit organization. We help you make informed decisions to drive your mission forward.

Grant Compliance and Reporting: Navigate grant compliance seamlessly with our services. We assist in tracking and reporting on grants, ensuring transparency and accountability to your funders.

Tax-Exempt Status Maintenance: Maintain your tax-exempt status with confidence. Our experts ensure that your non-profit organization remains compliant with tax laws, allowing you to focus on your mission.

Budgeting for Impact: We understand the importance of maximizing resources. Our budgeting services help you allocate funds efficiently to achieve maximum impact in your programs and initiatives.

Our Non-Profit Accounting and Tax Services:

1. Financial Statement Preparation

Receive accurate and transparent financial statements that reflect the financial health of your non-profit organization. We ensure adherence to accounting standards and reporting requirements.

2. Form 990 Preparation

Stay in compliance with IRS regulations. Our team handles the preparation and filing of Form 990, providing a comprehensive overview of your non-profit’s activities and finances.

3. Grant Management

Efficiently manage and report on grants. We help you maintain compliance with grant requirements, fostering positive relationships with your funding partners.

4. Consultation on Non-Profit Governance

Receive expert advice on non-profit governance best practices. We guide your organization in implementing effective governance structures and policies.


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