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Audit Protection Service Agreement

The Dolins Group, Ltd. will provide an independent invoice for audit protection services for your 2023 Federal and State tax returns. Coverage for these services will be in place if payment is received within 60 days.

This service covers any communication, including telephone calls, initiated by the IRS or State income tax agency that wishes to audit, examine, review, investigate or verify any item or items on the IRS income tax forms and State equivalent.

Audit Protection means The Dolins Group, Ltd. will represent you through the completion of any income tax audit for your 2023 tax returns. This includes handling all communications, including letters and/or telephone calls and meetings with the IRS or State regarding the audit.

The Dolins Group, Ltd. will professionally defend the 2023 Federal or State income tax audit or notice from the time of the first notice to its completion. All scheduling of appointments, telephone calls and correspondence will be handled by The Dolins Group, Ltd. We will meet or correspond with the auditor on your behalf.

Please contact The Dolins Group within 15 days of the date of the first notice. If you wait too long, you will eliminate our ability to defend your case.

The Dolins Group, Ltd. is dedicated solely to legitimately protecting the rights and assets of our clients in the event of an Audit. The following defines our service limitations:

  • The Dolins Group, Ltd. does not provide legal assistance, nor represent our clients in Federal or State Court, including Tax Court or provide legal assistance in defending issues of civil fraud, whether actual or alleged.

  • This service will not reconcile checkbooks, organize records or do record keeping or bookkeeping for our clients. Additional charges will apply if these services are requested.

  • This service does not cover returns that The Dolins Group, Ltd. did not prepare.

  • The Dolins Group, Ltd. cannot guarantee the outcome of any particular engagement and is not responsible for any additional tax, penalties or interest as a result of the audit.

  • Coverage is only for the 2023 income tax return for the name/entity on the invoice.

  • The fee of $225.00 includes coverage for up to two states. Additional states could be

    covered for an additional $50.00 per state.


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