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What the CARES Act means for Businesses
On March 27th, 2020 the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, was signed into law to provide much-needed help to both businesses and individuals. Watch this short video to learn more about the Act.
SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program
Many businesses, especially small businesses, don't have the financial resources to withstand a prolonged period of low sales due to the Coronavirus. Here's a great video on emergency relief from the SBA.
Families First Coronavirus Response Act
On March 18th, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was passed. This act provides assistance to employees affected by the spread of the Coronavirus, while providing tax credits to employers to help cover the costs. Here's a short video that explains the changes.
10 Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce
The spread of the Coronavirus has caused many companies to have employees work remotely. In this short video, we walk through 10 tips to help maintain a productive workforce, a collaborative work environment, and a positive company culture while working remotely.
Employee Retirement Plans for Small Businesses
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What You Need to Know About the Gift Tax
Gifting can be an strategic part of your estate plan, but it's important to understand how the Gift Tax works. The Gift Tax is a federal tax on assets transferred to a recipient when full payment is not received in return. In this video you'll learn important tax advantages of gifting.
Nine Year-End Tax Strategies for 2019
Before the end of the year, you'll want to consider strategies to reduce your tax liabilities for 2019. Here's a great video you don't want to miss.
Contingency Planning for Business Owners
All businesses face a variety of risks, which is why it's important to have contingency plans in place to deal with unexpected events. In this video, you will learn 5 important steps to contingency planning for your business.
The New W-4 Form Explained
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Top 7 Internal Controls to Prevent Fraud
All companies are susceptible to and will likely experience fraud at some point. In this video, you will learn about simple and easy to implement controls and processes.
Do I Need a Will?
While death is a fact of life, it can be exceptionally hard for those left behind. A Will can help provide direction and ease the burden for your loved ones.
7 Tax Minimization Strategies for Investing
Keep more of your investment dollars in your pocket with the following tax minimization strategies. In this short video, we'll cover seven strategies to help you minimize taxes when investing in stocks, real estate and other types of assets.