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Properly Funding Your Living Trust
Failing to properly fund a living trust is one of the most common errors people make and can lead to unintended consequences and added costs for both the individual and their beneficiaries. In this video, we'll provide an overview of how to properly fund a living trust.
R&E Expense Amortization Got You Down?
Now that Research & Experimentation expenses must be amortized over several years, many companies are looking for ways to increase deductions and reduce taxable income. Here are three opportunities to potentially accelerate depreciation and reduce your tax liability.
Protecting Your Finances During an Economic Downturn
Many economists are predicting that the US economy will experience a downturn, if not a recession, in 2023. A downturn can lead to job loss, reduced income, and financial insecurity. While it's impossible to predict the future with certainty, there are steps you can take to protect your finances during a downturn.
Incentivize Employees With Stock Appreciation Rights Instead of Equity
Many business owners want to incentivize and reward employees by tying their compensation to the company's performance. One way to do this is through stock options, but using stock appreciation rights might be a better solution.
FASB Proposes Changes to Lease Accounting Rules
The Financial Accounting Standards Board recently issued a proposed Accounting Standards Update for Leases (Topic 842). The update addresses related-party arrangements between entities under common control. This video provides an overview of the proposed changes.
When To Outsource Your Accounting
Thanks to the cloud and automation, outsourcing has never been a more viable option than it is today. Quite often, outsourcing can be more efficient and less expensive than hiring dedicated staff. In this video, we'll cover the benefits of outsourcing your accounting.
Five Steps to Recognizing Revenue in Financials
The FASB and IASB have provided standards for properly recognizing revenue in your financials. Using a five step process, companies recognize revenue based on the value and timing of when control of the goods and services are transferred to the customer. Learn about the standards and how to properly recognize revenue for your company.
What Is an S-Corp Election?
Business owners often struggle with determining the optimal legal structure and tax treatment for their business. This video will explain an S-Corp tax election and how it may benefit you and your business.
Expect More IRS Audits
The Inflation Reduction Act allocated $80 billion to the IRS for hiring additional personnel and improving processes and technology. Learn how this might affect future audit activity and how much time the IRS has to audit you.
How the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan works
President Biden announced a plan to extend the pause on student loan repayments and offer student loan forgiveness to millions of borrowers. Under the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan, eligible borrowers will have up to $20,000 of their student loans forgiven. Watch this video to learn more about the program.
The Clean Vehicle Tax Credit Program
The Inflation Reduction Act includes the Clean Vehicle Tax Credit program which provides tax credits for purchasing electric vehicles. Learn about the tax credits and limits on qualifications.
Research and Development Tax Credits
While most companies expense the cost of research and development activities, most fail to take advantage of the R&D tax credit. Learn how the tax credit works and what expenses qualify for it.